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Thanks for a great 2024 Too Broke For Sturgis.
The dates for 2025 will be posted here soon.

Too Broke for Sturgis Masterlink Special Edition

Too Broke for Sturgis Masterlink Special Edition (PDF)
Too Broke for Sturgis Masterlink Special Edition (Word)

Bands at Too Broke 2024

Thursday 7-11 pm     Perfect Storm
Friday 7-11 pm     Bad June =
Saturday 7 - 11 pm     Last Train to Juarez

ABATE is seeking merchandise and food vendors and sponsorships. The vendor and sponsorship forms below provide information on vendor and sponsorship opportunities.

* For Sponsorship information, please see our sponsorship letter (Word) or sponsorship letter (PDF)

* For vendor opportunities and information, please see our Vendor Invitation (Word) or Vendor Invitation (PDF).
For Vendor Applications see our Vendor Application (Word) or Vendor Application (PDF).
For Vendor Frequently Asked Questions see our Vendor FAQ's(Word) or Vendor FAQ's(PDF).

Everyone is encouraged and welcome to camp at the Too Broke for Sturgis site, and tent camping is included in the registration fee, but for those who prefer hotels or motels, here is a list of Winslow hotels or motels:

  • Best Western Plus - 928-289-2960
  • Quality Inn - 928-289-4638
  • Roadway Inn - 928-289-4606
  • Econo Lodge - 928-289-1010
  • Motel 6 - 928-289-9581
  • Travelodge by Wyndham - 928-224-8831
  • Earls Rt 66 Motor Court - 928-224-0161
  • La Posada - 928-289-4366
  • Meteor Crater RV Park (in town) - 928-289-4002

We do have to have some rules. This is an adults only event. No underage purchase of alcohol allowed. No fireworks allowed due to proximity to an airport and it's also pretty darn dry out there folks! Wildfire threat is real. Also, dogs are welcome at your campsite (not walking around the grounds) but please leash them. If conditions change we may have to implement other rules, but hopefully not!

Vendors of 2024

Biggie Boy BBQ - BBQ sandwiches, nachos, mac & cheese
Biggie Boy BBQ

Sweet and Sassy Treats - Root beer floats, chocolate covered strawberries, cheese cake & Carmel apple nachos, Italian cream sodas(

Christian Motorcycle Association - Free water, coffee, hugs and prayers. Free Breakfast Fri, Sat and Sunday

HA Yavapai Co - shirts, hats, koozies, tumblers

Old School Stitching - Patches, sewing, hats, metal cut outs, buckles and miscellaneous.

Arizona Boot Bootique
Arizona Boot Bootique

Vacay Cowboys Clothing Company
Vacay Cowboys Clothing Company

Discount Biker Supply
Discount Biker Supply

More Vendors Coming Soon!

The History of Too Broke for Sturgis

by Waldo

Oh where has the time gone? It was way back in 1992 when someone asked Phil Mathews (a member of Phoenix ABATE @ the time), "Are you going to Sturgis this year"? His standard reply of, "Heck no. I'm TOO BROKE for Sturgis!" kinda started it all and "Too Broke for Sturgis" was born.

Remember that first year up at the Sharp Creek Campsite, just out of Christopher Creek, when the bike games were held right out on the highway (260), cause there really wasn't much traffic back then? Everybody camped right there, just off the highway, past the cattleguard. Then the same place the following year (`93) but with the bike games back down a-ways on the dirt road held in between the rain showers. All the while, everybody helpin' and tryin' to keep the band's equipment dry. I think "Capt. Jack and Steppin' Back" was the band that 2nd year.

Remember the "Taco Bite" event? Boy, was that one ever a crowd pleaser. The "Taco Bite" was actually frozen burritos that had been thawed out, hung on a string (like the weenie bite), and then dipped in catsup (Gee, what's that visual make ya think of)! It was an event for the men! The guys would ride up under the red dripping thingie and try to bite off as big a chunk as they could without falling off their bikes. I think that it was actually some of the ladies' idea for kinda getting back at the men for the weenie bite. It took men that were real secure in their
masculinity to compete in that one!

That weekend (year 2) the kids found the little corral, down by the streambed (Sharp Creek), back farther in the woods while they were out exploring. That's where "Too Broke" moved to for year three, which was when they (the kids again) found ParaDice Meadow (the old BLM Landfill) up the hill, still farther back, and an even better location. "Too Broke" moved there for year four (and then five, six, & even seven, I think). Then, with the change in ABATE leadership, the date was changed and a new location was found over at Watson Lake in Prescott, where we stayed for two or three years. In 2001, Too Broke For Sturgis (would've been the 10th Annual) was canceled at the last minute due to logistical entanglements with the City of Prescott. And now we are at Mormon Lake (for five years now).

So that little Chapter event started out with a few folks getting' together to roll meatballs, for a Friday Night Poker Run (initially put on by Phoenix ABATE). The idea was to get out of the valley and escape the heat during the last weekend of the "Sturgis" Rally. Then just spend the night, play some games, have a spaghetti dinner on Saturday, and just basically hang out in the cool pines up on the Mogollon Rim for the rest of the weekend. Since then "Too Broke" has evolved and grown.To become one of Arizona's most anticipated annual motorcycle events.

Now, what more could you ask for in a motorcycle event? Great riding, beautiful scenery, fantastic people, a poker run, bike games, people games, a 50/50, food, friends, libation, the great outdoors, and live music. Course Arizona's MRO's (ABATE and MMA) show up, but so do all kinds of other groups and organizations from the CMA to most all of Arizona's Motorcycle Clubs along with lots and lots of independent riders and families.

Originally attended by 60+ motorfolk, "Too Broke" has evolved into a major Annual Event Weekend, which is now presented by ABATE of Arizona, and is attended by folks from all over the southwest. Whew, man we've come along ways.